Approvals & Permitting, Social & Heritage, Marketing

Approvals and Permitting

The Savannah North Ore Reserve is located on the existing granted Savannah mining leases.  The site groundwater licence issued by the Department of Water and the Licence to Operate issued by the Department of Environment Regulation remain current.

Before mining operations can recommence, the standard notifications and approvals under the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (WA) will be sought.  Panoramic does not anticipate any issues with Department of Mines and Petroleum approvals upon a restart of operations as the Savannah operation ran successfully for 12 years, and the restart will be based on the existing systems and processes.

No environmental permitting issues are expected upon a re-start of operations as all environmental reporting, monitoring and licence conditions are being complied with during care and maintenance.  A works approval for the TSF1 tailings dam lift has been granted and an extension is being sought to ensure this approval remains in place.  Shortly after a recommencement of operations, permits will be sought for an increase in tailings storage capacity (TSF2).

Social and Heritage

The Savannah operation has maintained strong social and heritage relationships with the traditional owners, pastoralists and other local business and community groups over the last twelve years.  The Kimberley Nickel Co-existence Agreement outlines the processes for acknowledgement and engagement with traditional owners and has given rise to employment and business opportunities, heritage and cultural awareness training and other support and services in health, education, sports and arts for local communities.  This agreement remains in place and applies to the recommencement of operations and life of mine production.


The current offtake agreement with Sino/Jinchuan expires in April 2020.  Terms under the existing agreement are confidential.

Panoramic has held discussions with a number of potential offtake parties including Sino/Jinchuan regarding concentrate purchases beyond April 2020. Indicative terms for bulk concentrate sales post-April 2020 have been received from various interested parties.

For the Savannah FS, similar terms to the current offtake agreement have been assumed.