Panton PGM Project


The Panton PGM Project is located 60km north of Halls Creek, adjacent to the Great Northern Highway in the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia. The project has a resource of 14.32 million tonnes at 2.19g/t Pt, 2.39g/t Pd, 0.31g/t Au (~2Moz contained Pt+Pd) on granted mining leases. The resource consists of high grade platinum and palladium mineralisation within a number of stratiform reefs.

Panton Location

Location Map


The Panton intrusive is a layered, differentiated mafic to ultramafic body that has been intruded into the sediments of the Proterozoic Lamboo Complex in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.  The Panton intrusive has undergone several folding and faulting events that have resulted in a south westerly plunging synclinal structure some 10km long and 3km wide. High grade PGM mineralisation is hosted within a number of stratiform chromite reefs within the ultramafic sequence.

Potential Development

The close proximity of Panton to the Savannah Project offers a number of potential capital and operating synergies not available to previous owners, which could substantially improve the economics of the Project. Panoramic is continuing to investigate the use of alternative processing options to help unlock the inherent value of the Project.  Recent testwork undertaken by Panoramic has identified the potential for improved metallurgical recoveries and higher concentrate grades together with the potential to upgrade the ore via ore sorting.  Ore sorting testwork demonstrated chromite ore (containing PGMs) can be separated from waste rock with a high degree of efficiency.  Further testwork is planned.

FY2015 Highlights

  • Metallurgical test work confirmed improved recoveries and higher grade PGM concentrates can be produced from Panton ore

FY2016 Activities

  • Confirm metallurgical test work in relation to improved grade and recovery
  • Test amenability of Panton ore to beneficiation via ore sorting
  • Determine potential buyers of high-grade concentrate and seek indicative terms
  • Undertake a Scoping Study to determine capital operating costs of producing a high-grade concentrate
  • Commence project financing discussions with potential customers


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