Panoramic has been committed to conducting its operations in a sustainable and responsible manner since the Company was formed in 2001. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and performance in the economic, governance, environmental and social areas of our business, which is central to this commitment.

To give our stakeholders a better sense of who we are as a business we publicly report on our sustainability performance via our Annual Report and our yearly Sustainability Report.

Our Approach

Panoramic’s Approach to Sustainability Reporting

Over the past five years, Panoramic has invested greater time and effort in progressing the way we measure and communicate our sustainability endeavours.

As well as meeting the information needs of our stakeholders, we now aim to use the reporting process to achieve broader internal engagement and alignment around sustainability. This will produce a Sustainability Report that speaks to all our stakeholders, and directs and integrates our efforts around sustainability with the different segments of our business.

We continue to work together with Banarra, a specialised Australian sustainability consultancy, to identify key indicators which drive the sustainability reporting process. Greater internal engagement and alignment around sustainability will assist in initiating and promoting change, particularly around areas that deliver clear value to our business, employees, shareholders, suppliers and to the communities in which we operate.

Ultimately, this will improve the way we report our sustainability performance and accountability to our stakeholders.

Panoramic’s Sustainability Report 2012

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Framework is the world’s most widely applied sustainability reporting tool. Panoramic remains committed to using the GRI Framework, which will assist stakeholders to assess our sustainability performance against our peers, both in Australia and offshore.

Reporting on our key impacts requires us to first identify and understand them, and then to measure, monitor and set clear commitments and targets around how we respond to them.

As an ongoing commitment, Panoramic holds an annual review workshop that aims to identify those issues that are of most interest to, or that have the biggest impact upon, our stakeholders and on Panoramic as a business over the reporting period. This process involved a full review of the issues that impacted the 2010/11 Sustainability Report and assisted us to identify those issues that were ongoing as well as those resolved. As a result, a number of new issues were identified from both a stakeholder and a Company perspective that included Panoramic’s performance and management, business growth and diversification strategy and the minelife of our projects. Other issues identified included commodity prices, employment, safety performance and meeting community expectations. These are the key issues that we will be focusing on in our 2011/12 Sustainability Report.


Following a comprehensive review of our safety performance in 2008, a series of initiatives were introduced that are producing positive results. A key achievement is the reduction in site Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates. There has also been a noticeable cultural shift in the attitude of our employees, with greater focus on continuous improvement of our safety performance and positive pro-active workplace behaviors.

Working with our external safety consultants, we have provided training and up-skilling to employee groups in the areas of incident investigation, hazard identification, risk management and safety leadership.
The ‘VCR’ safety mantra has continued to be a simple means of articulating a powerful safety message to all of our employees and contractors.

Vision: Safety is a value not just a priority
Commitment: Safety improvement through leadership
Results: Safely home every day

Risk Management

Panoramic is committed to the effective management of risk. Our aim is for risk management to become embedded in all our business systems, mining operations and exploration activity.

We identify all material risks, assess them against accepted criteria and ensure that appropriate control measures are implemented.

The following Risk Management Guideline was developed and approved by the Board.

Risk Management Guideline


Fostering good stakeholder relations at all levels is a key element of our culture at Panoramic. We believe this can only be achieved through a consultative approach.

Our operations continue to support their local communities including Warmun, Broome, Wyndham and Kambalda with sponsorship for community events, local schools and sporting clubs.


Our projects continued to operate within all statutory regulations and license conditions during the year. Reduced emissions and energy saving programs were again a key area of focus for our operations, with Panoramic scheduled to report under the NPI (National Pollutants Inventory), EEO (Energy Efficiency Opportunities) and NGER (National Greenhouse Energy Reporting) programs.

Please refer to the Reports section for the Company’s latest Public Report on Energy Efficiency Opportunities.


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