ASX Announcements

15/09/2020Presentation - RIU Resurgence ConferenceDownload
15/09/2020RIU Resurgence Conference PresentationDownload
15/09/2020Savannah Project - Exploration UpdateDownload
09/09/2020Appendix 3GDownload
01/09/2020Underground Development UpdateDownload
01/09/2020Appendix 4E and FY20 Annual Financial ReportDownload
18/08/2020Investor Update - August 2020Download
03/08/2020Savannah Development and Exploration UpdateDownload
31/07/2020Updated Savannah Ore Reserve and Mine PlanDownload
16/07/2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
09/07/2020Ceasing to be a substantial holder for HRNDownload
09/07/2020Completion of Sale of Remaining Horizon Stake to ZetaDownload
30/06/2020Issue of OptionsDownload
29/06/2020Results of General MeetingDownload
29/06/2020Securities Trading PolicyDownload
23/06/2020Change of Director's Interest Notice x 4Download
19/06/2020WSA: Western Areas 19.9% Stake in Panoramic ResourcesDownload
19/06/2020Appendix 2ADownload
16/06/2020Successful Completion of Retail Entitlement OfferDownload
12/06/2020S&P DJI Announces June 2020 Quarterly RebalanceDownload
09/06/2020Repayment of Senior and Subordinated Debt FacilitiesDownload
05/06/2020Change in substantial holding from ZERDownload
03/06/2020Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
02/06/2020Becoming a substantial holder from WSADownload
02/06/2020Completion of Placement and Institutional Entitlement OfferDownload
01/06/2020Panoramic Resources Limited Completes Despatch of ProspectusDownload
01/06/2020Appendix 2ADownload
27/05/2020Placement & Institutional Entitlement Offer Bookbuild ResultDownload
27/05/2020Reinstatement to Official QuotationDownload
25/05/2020Disclosure Document - RelodgedDownload
25/05/2020Proposed issue of Securities - PANDownload
25/05/2020WSA: Western Areas to Acquire 19.9% Stake in PANDownload
25/05/2020Strategic Investment and Equity RaisingDownload
25/05/2020Capital Raising Presentation - May 2020Download
25/05/2020Disclosure DocumentDownload
22/05/2020Partial Repayment of Senior Debt FacilityDownload
21/05/2020Voluntary Suspension ExtensionDownload
21/05/2020Notice of General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
21/05/2020General Meeting - Letter to ShareholdersDownload
18/05/2020ZER: Put and Call Option Deed with Macquarie BankDownload
18/05/2020Put and Call Option Deed between Macquarie Bank and ZetaDownload
15/05/2020Sale of Thunder Bay North Project CompletedDownload
07/05/2020Investor Update - May 2020Download
07/05/2020Savannah Project - Mineral Resource UpdateDownload
01/05/2020Voluntary Suspension ExtensionDownload
29/04/2020Reduction in Corporate CostsDownload
29/04/2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
15/04/2020Suspension from Official QuotationDownload
15/04/2020Operations UpdateDownload
14/04/2020Trading HaltDownload
09/04/2020Change of Company SecretaryDownload
06/04/2020ZER: Loan to Panoramic ResourcesDownload
03/04/2020Loan Agreement with Zeta ResourcesDownload
03/04/2020Proposed issue of Securities - PANDownload
01/04/2020Change in substantial holding for HRNDownload
01/04/2020Horizon Gold - Cleansing StatementDownload
01/04/2020HRN: Cleansing NoticeDownload
31/03/2020Closeout of Hedge BookDownload
30/03/2020ZER: Purchase of shares in Horizon Gold (amended)Download
30/03/2020Disposal of Horizon Gold ShareholdingDownload
30/03/2020HRN: Selldown of Panoramic Resources' ShareholdingDownload
27/03/2020COVID-19 ResponseDownload
23/03/2020Change of Director's Interest Notice - V.RajasooriarDownload
13/03/2020Becoming a substantial holderDownload
11/03/2020Response to Media SpeculationDownload
11/03/2020Pause in TradingDownload
02/03/2020Barminco Handover CompleteDownload
28/02/2020Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial ReportDownload
21/02/2020Savannah Underground Mining Contract Executed with BarmincoDownload
21/02/2020Savannah North Development UpdateDownload
21/02/2020PRN: Savannah Project contract executedDownload
20/02/2020Change in substantial holding for HRNDownload
20/02/2020Horizon Gold - Cleansing NoticeDownload
20/02/2020HRN: Cleansing NoticeDownload
18/02/2020ZER: Purchase of shares in Horizon GoldDownload
18/02/2020Partial Sale of Horizon Gold ShareholdingDownload
18/02/2020Selldown of Panoramic Resources' ShareholdingDownload
31/01/2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
30/01/2020PRN: Perenti appointed preferred contractor at Savannah ProjDownload
30/01/2020Barminco Appointed Preferred Underground Mining ContractorDownload
30/01/2020Updated FY20 Production GuidanceDownload
23/01/2020Company Secretary Resignation and AppointmentDownload
20/01/2020IGO:Off market takeover bid for Panoramic lapses and Form605Download
17/01/2020Appendix 3Y - Gillian SwabyDownload
17/01/2020Appendix 3Y- Nicholas CernottaDownload
17/01/2020Appendix 3Y - Rebecca HaywardDownload
17/01/2020Appendix 3Y - Victor RajasooriarDownload
17/01/2020Appendix 3B - Retail and Shortfall SharesDownload
16/01/2020Change of interests of substantial holder from IGODownload
15/01/2020Trading of Entitlement Offer SharesDownload
14/01/2020Completion of Retail Entitlement OfferDownload
13/01/2020Results of General MeetingDownload
09/01/2020IGO: Notice of Status of Defeating Conditions PAN TakeoverDownload
08/01/2020Rights Issue - Closing Date ReminderDownload
06/01/2020Preliminary December 2019 Quarterly StatisticsDownload
06/01/2020Sale of Thunder Bay North Project - SPA SignedDownload
02/01/2020IGO: Supplementary Bidder's StatementDownload
02/01/2020IGO: Takeover bid for PAN - Withdrawal rightsDownload

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