Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement

The Board of Directors of Panoramic Resources Limited (“the Board”) is responsible for the corporate governance of the Company. The Board guides and monitors the business and affairs of Panoramic Resources Limited on behalf of the shareholders by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable. The Company’s Corporate Governance Statement (“Statement”) outlines the main corporate governance practices in place throughout the financial year, which comply with the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) Corporate Governance Council’s (“CGC”) Third Edition (March 2014) of the “Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (“the Recommendations”), unless otherwise stated.

The Company’s 2019 Corporate Governance Statement contains the main corporate governance policies and practices and was approved by the Board on 30 June 2019.  Key governance documents referred in the 2019 Corporate Governance Statement can be accessed below.  A number of these documents are currently under review for FY20.

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